Mountain bike tours

Adventure tourism or also called alternative tourism is becoming more and more popular as it positively influences people and surrounding.  Alternative tourism in Macedonia shows the wealth of natural resources and  excellent geographical position of the country.  This kind of tourism is of special interest and has focus to new ways of satisfying the needs of tourists.

This sort of tourism is aggregation of adventure, recreation, relaxation and fun.  Adventure or alternative tourism is very popular among many people in Europe and worldwide who are  not keen to  expensive hotels and glamour nights and would like to have simply normal holiday full of new exciting adventures.   Alternative tourism as specific and special interest tourism can be any activity from physical, cultural interaction, nature contact and etc.   Mountain biking is first of all fun thing to do and we would like to present to you as one of the forms for adventure and alternative tourism.


Mavrovo - Summer scheme

Mavrovo under wheels of our and your mountain Bike" in year 2003 we promoted the first marked trails for mountain biking and it was the moto under which for the first time in Macedonia we promoted the alternative tourism.  It was the first phase of the project wtih the ski center Zare Lazarevski and the mountain bike club Oxygen from Skopje.   The mission of this project was to promote development of mountain biking as massive sport for recreation and fun.   Three main trails were marked:

- Number on with length of 5.4km
- Second with length of 9.4km
- Third with length of 14.4km

All three trails started from old sheepyard near the single ski lift.   The trails were position at the height between 1600 and 1850m above see level and the terrain had grass, crushed stones and other off road conditions.