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MTC Oxygen annual membership and benefits

900 denars (15 euro) – children below 14 years
Benefits: T-shirt, water bottle, email address of the club, 50% discount on bike service, training and active participation in the work of the club

2500 denars (40 euro) – Oxygen member
Benefits:  t-shirt, water bottls, one main bike service (10 euro value), email address of the club,  resources for bike maintenance tools, oil, pump etc.
Club covers 40% of the cost of rides that are organized by the club.

Other information

  • Club can currently cover 40% cost of 8 two day tours .  Depending on the income more tours can be covered in the future.
  • Club can provide bike carries and transportation for its members.
  • Help on road
    (In case of a any problem in the mountain  where member cannot continue their ride  club will provide safe transportation for their members and their bikes.
  • Covering of 40% of the cost of two day ride means covering the transportation and sleeping costs.
    (sleeping can be in a mountain cabin, private room or tent supplied by the club)
  • Average cost of two day event is around 20 eur.  Before every event each member deposits 10 euro as guarantee of their participation in the event.   On the day of departure the 10 eur deposits are returned to the member.
  • Traveling outside Macedonia each member covers themselves.
  • Every member receives discounts in the number of stores that support our club.
  • For all club events the club provides service, spare materials and first aid however every member should have helmet, one spare tire and any medicals for personal use.
  • Other people can participate in the events organized by the club but the participation is solely based on their own organization.