Mariovo 2013

24.05.2013 we arrived in village Manastir located in the wonderful Mariovo.   Soon we set the tents, cleaned up a little bit around the camp and then we relaxed in the the beautiful nature that surround it us.   After a short observation of the surrounding and great dinner by the fire we went to sleep to get rest for the next day.  25.05.2013 calm nature and unfamiliar quietness over night force us to wake up at 7 and start the preparation for final marking of the trail.   At 8 o'clock we went to ride the trail and prepare it for the Sunday riding and before the first guest riders arrive.   Around 14h we came back to the camp where already around fifty bikers with number of cars have arrived.   As the day ritual of barbecue.   On 26.05.2013 again we woke up among the first ones and we started the preparation for marathon start with length of 55km that was marked the previous day.   The start of the marathon was scheduled for 10h.  The news reporters, mayor of the local municipality of Prilep as well as more then 300 bikers were there at the start.   The recreational ride started with a little delay which soon was very quickly forgotten as we entered the wilderness.    After few hours of riding and having fun we all successfully arrived back at the village Manastir where at the manastir we were give lunch and refreshments.   All together a great day with lots of fun and beautiful nature something we will definitely do it again next year.