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  • Lago di Garda - Bike festival

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    MTBC Oxygen is a non-profit organization with a mission to promote sports and recreation, healthy lifestyle, and alternative tourism in the Republic of Macedonia


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  • Rafting tara

    There is one Latin saying which says:

    "You have to try everything in life" , so here is rafting an adventure which is among TOP 10 things that you must try.


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  • Tour the lake Ohrid 2013 +

    Tour the lake Ohrid 2013 Like every year we participate in the recreational tour named Tour de Lake Ohrid.  Although a little bit boring ride Read More
  • Mavrovo 2013 +

    Mavrovo 2013 Traditional mountain bike marathon held in Mavrovo that we started 15 years ago was visited by 300 and more bikers.  Read More
  • Mariovo 2013 +

    Mariovo 2013 24.05.2013 we arrived in village Manastir located in the wonderful Mariovo.   Soon we set the tents, cleaned up a little Read More
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This site is dedicated to all lovers of iconic beauty of our nature, people who love to go out and ride their bikes into new adventures and modern people who still carry inside a little bit forgotten spirit for fun and adventure.   If you like adventure and have a desire for exploring new horizons members of MBC Oxygen are here to help in achieving your goals.